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Boracay Island
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Sunset in Boracay
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Ati-Atihan Festival
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Ignito Cave

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Home of the famous Boracay Island
Over one-third of the provinces land area consists of mountains. a mountain range flanks the entire length of Aklan´s western border with Antique. The rest is a narrow strip of lowland that starts from the coast and extended into valleys far inland to the foothills. There are five major rivers, the largest ones of which are the Aklan and Ibajay Rivers. Lake Lapu Lapu is located in Malay town. The province has two areas of somewhat varying climates depending on the amount and schedule of rainfall, but temperatures remain almost constant throughout the year.

Aklan, including what is now Capiz, was organised as "Minuro it Aklan" by settlers from Borneo in 1213. It was one of three political units, sakops, into which Panay was divided, the other two being Hamitc (now Antique) and Irong-Irong (now Iloilo) The firs ruler of Aklan was named Datu Bangkaya. Under Datu Dinagandan, the present site of Batan was made its capital towards the end of the 1400-century. In 1433, Datu Bendahara of the earliest written body of laws. When Datu Manduyog became ruler in 1437, he moved the capital to Bakan (the ancient name of Banga). When Legazpi landed in Batan in 1565, Datu Kabayag was ruling Aklan from what is now Libacao. When the Spaniards settled in the area, they changed its name to Capiz, much to the dimay of the Aklanons. The Aklanons agitated for their separation from Capiz throughout the American period. Aklan finally became a separate province in 1956. An early Aklanon settlement called Madyanos, near the town of Nemancia, later became Kalibo.

The "Aklanons" are closely related to the Ilonggos but they speak a distinct dialect, also called Aklanon. The dialect is said to be traceable to an old datu´s defective manner of speaking that everyone imitated.The ponu-an, a customary gathering of elders, is still practised in the barangays.

Boracay Island - A little over one hour flying time from Manila is the fabled island of Boracay. This island paradise is only 7 km long but attracts many visitors with its 32 magnificent powdery white sand beaches and majestic tropical palms. Located in the province of Aklan north of Panay Island, it has often been voted "one of the best beaches in the world." Boracay is an all year round destination. The holiday season starts early November and finishes around May. June to October season provides a pleasant alternative when resort and restaurant prices are lower and the island is at a more leisurely pace.
Kalibo Ati-Atihan - was held every third week of January in Kalibo, Aklan. A celebration in honor of the Sto. NiƱo. Marked by a frenzied merriment on the streets. Revelers in colorful costumes and bodies painted black and their faces made up grotesquely, dance uninhibitedly to drumbeats.

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