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Dagupan Bangus
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Worlds Longest Grill
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Dagupan Bangus Products
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Dagupan Bangus Festival
bangus festival street dancing
Dagupan Bangus Festival
Philippines Bangus Capital

Dagupan City is located on the northern part of Pangasinan Province, in Region I, Luzon Island along the southern shores of Lingayen Gulf. The city falls within latitude 16º 01' to 16º 07' north and longitude 120º 18' to 120º 23' east and is about 212 km North of Manila. According to the City Assessor’s Office, Dagupan City covers a total land area of 40,079,278.93 square meters or about 4,008 hectares (as per City Assessor’s Record). However, the digitized cadastral maps reveal that the sum of the lands within Dagupan’s boundaries is 4,446 hectares.

It is bounded by the Lingay en Gulf in the north, Sn Fabian in the northeast, Mangaldan in the east, Calasiao in the south and Binmaley in the west. The city falls with latitude 160 01 to 160 07 north and longitude 1200 18 to 1200 23 east.

The climate that prevails in the city is classified as dry type. The dry season occurs from November to May, while the wet season starts in June and ends in April. In April and May, the temperature goes up to 29.9°C, while the coldest temperature is experienced in January at 23.86°C.

  • City Leading Industries:
    • Bangus Production
    • Educational Service
    • Banking/Financial Service
    • Trading
  • City Geographic Advantage:
    • Educational Center
    • Medical Center
    • Trading/Commercial Center
    • Financial Center
  • City AccessibilitY
    • Distance of the Potential Market
      • 22 kms to Metro-Manila
      • 10-100 kms to nearby municipalities/cities
    • Distance of Nearest Airport
      • 65 kms to loakan Airport, Baguio City
    • Distance of Nearest Seaport
      • 80 kms to Poro Point, san Fernando La Union

From Manila, the country’s capital, Dagupan is 212 kilometers. It can be traveled for 4 to 5 hours by any land transportation. From Baguio, the summer capital of the Philippines, is 70 kilometers and can be reached in 2 hours by any land transportation.

Photos courtesy of Dagupan City Official Website

Source: lakbaypilipinas.com

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