caramoan resorts and hotels
The Pacific Hidden Paradise

The name Caramoan has been officially adapted since 1619, the year it was founded by a zealous missionary, the venerable Spanish friar Francisco De La Cruz Y Oropesa. This 60-year old priest penetrated the thick virgin forest of the Caramoan Peninsula and found a small settlement in a place called Baluarte. Later on, this settlement was turned over to the administration of the Holy Bishopric in 1696.

The small town of Caramoan was then located at the tip of Caramoan Peninsula, a rugged place of land extending into the waters of the Maqueda Channel on the North and East and Lagonoy Gulf on the South.

It was determined that the first name given to this place was Guta de Leche by the Dutch traders who operated a gold mine in Lahuy Island and frequented the area to trade with the natives, prior to the arrival of the Spaniards. The name was perhaps derived from the milkdrop stalagmites found among the rocks of Guta Port. But upon the arrival of the Spaniards, the place came to be called "Carahan" for the sea turtle, which was at that time to be found in great number along the shores of the Peninsula.

Caramoan is one of the thirty-five municipalities of the Province of Camarines Sur and is situated at the heart of the Caramoan Peninsula at the southernmost tip of Luzon. It occupies the lower eastern portion of the Province of Camarines Sur. It is bounded on the north by the town of Garchitorena and the Pacific Ocean; on the northeast by the island province of Catanduanes; on the south by Lagonoy Gulf; on the east by the Maqueda Channel and on the west by the municipality of Presentacion.

The municipality is situated between east longitude 124o59" and 13o46" north latitude. It covers approximately 27,741 square kilometers with approximately 71 kilometers of irregular coastline surrounded by the vast ocean, bay, seas and swamps. It is approximately 501 kilometers away from Metro Manila; 95 kilometers from the municipality of Pili, where the seat of the provincial government and the Pili Domestic Airport are located; and 110 kilometers away from Naga City, the heart of Bicol.

Composed of 49 barangays, the municipality has a total of 134 sitios.

caramoan resorts and hotels

Caramoan Hotels and Resorts

Since there are no telephones available for the local establishments, you can only get your accommodation only upon reaching Centro - the local term for the Poblacion of the Town Proper.

Tourist Inn / Pension Houses

Rex Tourist Inn - Located in Real St. Brgy Tawog. There are 6 room available, rates for fan room is Php300.00 while regular room to executive room rates are ranging from Php500.00 to 2,500.00

Roa Pension House - Located in Sirangan St. Brgy Tawog - air-conditioned room rates are ranging from Php1,000.00 to 1,400.00

Homestay Programs

Mrs. Imelda Versoza Residence - Located in Centro, Caramoan - Country style, fully furnished, well maintained and cozy, with beddings, water, air-conditioned rooms, spacious living room, and foods are available upon request. Two big aircon rooms are available for rent, rates starts from Php500.00.

Mr. David Plopinio Residence - Located in Centro, Caramoan - A three storey concrete house, fully furnished, with beddings, water, air-conditioned rooms, spacious living room, veranda, food / meals can be ordered / served. With two spacious air-conditioned rooms with separate toilet and bathroom. Rates are starting from Php500.00

caramoan resorts and hotels

Caramoan History

T he year was 1818. That summer the Moros had once again sacked and burned the towns of Sagay and Indan. The Bikolanos had had enough. On October 26, in Tabgon Bay, off the Caramoan Peninsula, the provincial armadilla of Albay, led by 80-year old Pedro Estevan defeated a large Muslim fleet led by Prince Nune, son of the Sultan of Maguindanao. After this loss, the Muslims were not able to successfully attack a Bicol peninsular town ever again.

caramoan resorts and hotels

Where to eat in Caramoan

U nlike other famous beach destinations, Caramoan doesn't offer international cuisines such as Italian, Spanish, Chinese and other famous dishes but instead, experience the delightful taste of truly bicolandia food such as:

Laing or Pinangat - has known for its main ingredients taro (gabi) leaves and stalks slowly cooked in coconut milk and seasoned with ginger and sili (Philippine hot pepper),

Bicol Express - is a mixture of chili pepper, with bits of tasty meat or fish and other spices simmered in coconut cream (gata) and fresh seafoods.

The island doesn't have fine dining restaurants but you will definitely enjoy the fresh dishes in various homegrown "turo-turo" existing in various main points of the island. All delicacies are guaranteed fresh and affordable, ranging from Php30 - 70 per meal. Finding your food to eat will add spice to your never ending island escapade.

caramoan resorts and hotels

Things to do in Caramoan

B each / Island-Hopping
Gota Beach - Take a 7km motorcycle ride from Centro and celebrate the beauty of life in the these fine white sand beaches beside the majestic limestone rock formations and take an exciting boat trip to exotic island coves nearby.

Lantangan Beach (Pitogo Bay) - Here is something to change your idea of the usual beach. Instead of powdery white sand, piles of smooth-edged stones line the shore, as if purposely laid there by an unseen hand.

Matukad Beach - Postcard perfect scenery, right in front of Gota Beach and can be reached by a motorboat in just 15 minutes. Be delighted with the white puka shells and corals with the unique powdery pink-sand abundant all over the island.

Bichara Island - To the natives of Caramoan, this privately owned beach of the Bichara's of Naga City is better known as Paradise Island. Indeed, it is a paradise of powder-like sand amidst a crystal clear body of water ideal for beach hopping and scuba diving.

Lahuy Island - A thirty minute drive from Caramoan Centro to Bikal wharf then 15 minutes boat ride from Bikal wharf to the island. The island in an immerse pulchritude of almost endless stretch of white beach. A weeklong exploration of the place, also known as "Treasure Island" would not suffice for someone who really loves nature.

Some of the island destinations waiting to be explored are the long beach in Sohoton, Putting Baybay in Ilawod, Puerto Mina in Cagnipa, Tayac Lagoon in Pandanan, Bulang-bugang Underground Stream in Taisan, Sabitan Laya in Balibagan, Cutivas Island in Gogon, Bag-Ing Island in Haponan, Patag-Belen Waterfalls, Grotto in Mt. Caglao, Ocata Island Lighthouse in Gogon, Borocan Stream in Tawog and Hugsan Waterfalls in Hanopol. Truly, Caramoan is a perfect getaway to spend your most awaited vacation.

Manipis Cave - Located in Brgy Pandanan - alleged to have the hidden treasure of Gen. Yamashita and has rich guano reserve.

Omang Cave - Located in Brgy Ilawod - part of the 347 hectare National Park declared by the late President Quirino trough Proclamation no.20. Explore the grandeur of time-carved natural formation in the profusion of caves.

Tabgon (Culapnitan Cave) - Located in Brgy Libmanan - Experience the thrill of discovering an ancient natural edifice. Find small passageways, get the thrill of climbing rocks and take delight in the majestic stone formations inside.

caramoan resorts and hotels

Getting to Caramoan

The Manila-Naga route is served by the Philippine Airlines. PAL's 141-seater (Boeing 737) flies daily except Tuesdays and Thursdays. Estimated Travel Time (ETT): 1 hour


From Manila

Manila to Naga - Bus ( Pasay or Cubao) Php425.00 - 600.00

Naga to Sabang or Talisay Port - Jeep or Van (Naga Central terminal) Php40.00 - 50.00

Port to Caramoan Port - motorboat (Sabang/Talisay Port) Php80.00 - 100.00

Caramoan Port - Centro - Jeep ( Caramoan Port ) Php10.00

From Legaspi

Legaspi to Anayan Pili, Camarines Sur - Bus or Van ( Legaspi Terminal) Php80.00

Anayan - Sabang or Talisay Port - Jeep ( Anayan Jeep Terminal ) Php30.00

Port to Caramoan - motorboat ( Sabang or Talisay port ) Php80.00 - 100.00

Caramoan Port - Centro - Jeep ( Caramoan Port ) Php10.00

If you have a private vehicle, it is advisable that you look for a barangay official in Sabang or Talisay port for your safe car parking.

Sabang port and Talisay Port have daily regular trips to Caramoan every 6:00Am, 8:00Am and 11:00Am. If you missed the regular schedule, special trips are available at daytime, boat rental are ranging from Php500.00 to Php700.00 depending on the size of boat available.

caramoan resorts and hotels

Getting around Caramoan

T ricycle is the most common means of transportation within the Poblacion and its sitios, rates starts from Php5.00 depending on the desired destination while motorcycle rental per day is ranging from Php200.00 to 300.00. Island-hopping boat rental is only Php1,500.00 per day with maximum of ten passengers per boat. Don't hesitate to haggle for the price, remember that you are in the Philippines, where almost everything is in its best bargain.

caramoan resorts and hotels

Caramoan Travel Tips

T here are no resorts near the beach so you have to bring camping gears if you plan to stay overnight.

Bring first aid kits, hospitals and clinics are not accessible

Public Market is located at the Caramoan Centro where you can buy your food and other necessities.

Buy enough bottled drinking water, there is no available drinking water in the location.

It would be nice if you can visit the Barangay Captain first and introduce yourselves.

You may also visit the Municipal Planning Office located in the Municipal Building, they may have other information's you need for your stay in Caramoan.

Always bring a sunscreen protection

Bring a camera and take your memorable photos from this fantastic island

caramoan resorts and hotels

Learn Bikolano Words

T hese are the popular bicolano words

Bicol English
Dios Marhay na aldaw Good Day; a pleasant day
Dios Marhay na aga Good Morning
Dios Marhay na hapon Good Afternoon
Dios Mabalos Thank You
Dagos po! Welcome; please come in
Kamusta po kamo? How are you?
Masain ka? Where are you going?
Gurano ini? How much is this?
Namomotan ta'ka I love you
Magayon ka You are beautiful

caramoan resorts and hotels

Caramoan Tourist Information

F or additional informations, you may contact the following:

DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM - Regional Center Site, Rawis Legazpi City mail:
Tel. No.: (63.52) 482-0712 , 820-3664 Fax(63.52) 820-5066

Caramoan Mayors Office Tel# 098-5438500

Recha Isabel P. Quinn - OIC - Planning Division, Coraycayon, Tigaon Camarines Sur
Tel# 054-452-3920 Mobile Phone # 0927-512-5012
Or you may log-on to for other information.

Map of Caramoan

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