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Tinago Falls
Iligan City Mimbalut Falls
Mimbalut Falls
Iligan City Maria Cristina Falls
Maria Cristina Falls
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Limonsudan Falls
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Hindang Cave
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maria cristina falls
Maria Cristina Falls
Iligan City Dodiongan Falls
Dodiongan Falls

Industrial City of the South

Postal Code 9200
Area Code 063
Land Area 775.76sq km
Population 225,935
Dialects Spoken Cebuano 92.27%, Maranao 3.39%, Tagalog/Hiligaynon 1.00%, others 3.3% Majority can speak and understand Tagalog and English
Religion 93.61% Christian, Others 6.39%

People and Culture
Iliganons are a mixture of the Muslim and Cebuano stock with a bit of Tagalog and some other cultural group minorities and emigrants from other places.

Area Profile
Iligan City is located at the northwestern coast of Mindanao facing Iligan Bay, 795 kms. south of Manila. It is centrally located in the Visayas-Mindanao domestic market and proximate to the BIMP East AEAN Growth Area. A major component of the Cagayan-Iligan Corridor, the fastest growing regional growth center in Mindanao and one of the priority investment areas in the Philippines. It is the home of the country's steel industry and Mindanao's electric power source.

Commerce and Industry
Iligan is the industrial, commercial and education center of the province of Lanao del Norte. The city has 14 major manufacturing industries benefiting 6,412 semi and highly skilled workers are producing different products such as oxygen and acetylene, pipes and fitting, coco oil, cement, assorted biscuits, caustic soda and polyvinyl chloride, calcium carbide, recapped tires, cold and hot rolled coils, flour and burned and unburned bricks. It is also hosts the Mindanao Regional Center of the National Power Corporation in Mindanao because of the number of hydroelectric plants located in the city.

Iligan offers quite a number of scenic spots, including waterfalls, cool springs, fine beaches. If you're a spelunker, Iligan has more than enough caves for you. It has a few good hotels and inns, too, with cable TVs and telephones capable of international direct distance dialing. With a mixed population of Christians, Muslims and the native Higa-onons, ethnic products abound in Iligan's shopping centers. It has fine restaurants, among them the nationally acclaimed Sunburst Fried Chicken. It also has the popular fastfood chains found in Manila.

September 27-29 - Viva Sr. San Miguel
The most awaited annual event by the Iliganons because of its being the biggest and most colorful showcase of cultural heritage of Lumad, Muslim and Hispanic Cultures. It is also a from of religious release for them.

September 29 - Sinulog
The Sinulog is the most attended and popular of the fiesta highlights. Performed only in the afternoon of the feast day, this ritualistic street-dance drama (also called eskrima) mimics the celestial battle between Lucifer and San Miguel. It is an improvised dance on the street and anybody from the crowd is free to join in. The performers, upon vanquishing their imaginary foe, cry out, "Viva SeƱor San Miguel!" and the crowd roars back, "Viva!" This is repeated throughout the dance.

- Located 2. 5 km north of Polacion, Bayug is the site of the first Christian settlement founded circa 1600.

- Located at Buhangin hill in the southeastern side of the city hall, 2.3 kilometers from the city proper.

- Located along the national highway at Timoga, Brgy. Buru-un, 8 kilometers away from the city proper

How to get There
By Air,
Iligan is accessible via Cagayan de Oro's Lumbia Airport, then an hour-and-a-half land travel to Iligan (100 kms away). The Cagayan de Oro airport is serviced by PAL (3 flights daily), GrandAir and Cebu Pacific (1 flight each daily) with B-737 and DC-9 aircrafts from/to Manila. There are also PAL flights from/to Cebu and Davao. Mindanao Express also has flights to/fro the airport.

By Land,
Four bus companies with tourist class coaches ply the Iligan route destined for Cagayan de Oro, Butuan and Davao on the east and Pagadian, Ozamiz and Zamboanga on the west. Air-conditioned vans ply the Marawi-Cotabato route.

By Sea,
Passenger (including luxury liners) and cargo vessels ply from Iligan to Cebu, Dumaguete, Manila and Siquijor. Also accessible via Cagayan de Oro or Ozamiz.

Informations from
Photos from Personal Journeys of Bob Gardner and ILIGANON.COM - The Iligan City Homepage


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