About Philippines

About Pinas

The Philippines is a beautiful archipelago comprising of more than 7,100 islands. There are historic places, signature foods, dances and costumes in almost every province. This is primarily due to its strategic location, rich history and culture. Filipinos are also known for their trademark hospitality. Visitors everywhere marvel at the way they are treated in each place they visit.

It is mainly for this reason that we put up this web site. We want more people - Filipinos and foreigners alike - to know that the Philippines has so much to offer. We want to make them aware that in this part of the world, they can enjoy the simple pleasures of swimming in serene, pristine beaches, yet be within easy access to the rest of the world via the worldwide web. We want to make them see that they can enjoy colorful festivals and shopping at daytime, and go to bars and theaters at nighttime.

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